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What is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

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  The CLNC is able to work in the capacity of a testifying expert in the areas in which he/she has specific professional expertise. The testifying expert testifies to nursing issues, and standards of care. This testimony is not in lieu of expert medical testimony.

The following is a list of services provided when the CLNC is contracted as a consulting expert: 

  1. Review and screen malpractice cases to assess for merit
  2. Identify relevant standards of care
  3. Address any deviations from and adherences to the involved standards of care
  4. Identify and describe all injuries and medical conditions
  5. Explain and relate what caused the claimed damages
  6. Organization of all medical records and other related documents
  7. Interpret, translate, summarize and analyze medical records so that they are understandable to the attorneys and non-medical involved parties
  8. Use research when necessary for analysis of medical/health issues, treatment rendered and standards of care
  9. Insure that all relevant medical records, policies and other documents are obtained for review
  10. When appropriate, interview and screen experts and involved parties
  11. Serve as a liaison between any and all involved parties to the case, including: the legal professionals, the health care professionals, and the non-professional participants in the case (which might include the plaintiff or the defendant named in the case)
  12. Utilize resources available to the CLNC to build up a case and to locate and screen specific experts
  13. Assist the attorney in preparing interrogatory and deposition questions
  14. Preparation of responses to involved legal documents and correspondence to be reviewed and signed by the attorney
  15. Obtain or participate in creation of exhibit preparation
  16. Review and interpret depositions or testimony for the purpose of building a stronger case
  17. If appropriate, attend depositions, arbitration meetings, trials and IME's
  18. Assist the attorney with witness and/or expert deposition and trial preparation
  19. Create written reports to assist the attorney, hospital, or insurance company in understanding of the medical aspects of the case, thus aiding them to create a strategy to reach resolution