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To Whom It May Concern:


Dale Barnes, a Legal Nurse Consultant and registered nurse, serves as a consultant and expert witness in personal injury lawsuits. I retain her for nearly every case. Her responsibility is to gather and then review all of the medical records and then put together anything from a summary to a timeline describing the symptoms and the treatments.


After years of trying to do these things myself, and relying on legal assistants when I got too frustrated, it finally became clear that this was not really my job. I had insufficient training to do it right, and frankly I was skirting too close to malpractice by doing it. It took too much time, I didn't understand all of it, and I couldn't even read most of it because doctors have that weird handwriting.


She also looks for possible legal proof problems (i.e., in one case she spotted medical malpractice, and in another she told me that there was insufficient testing to establish a neurological problem that the child had after being bitten). Dale also testifies in court on issues having to do with patient care.


Her services are invaluable and cost-effective, especially when you consider the relative cost of my time. I would not even attempt to go back to my old system of doing these cases myself with just my poor overworked legal assistants. Neither I nor them nor my clients deserve that kind of ill treatment!





Attorney at Law